Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, District 5

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"I support Cecilia for school board because she has been a strong advocate for children, parents and teachers. She has demonstrated commitment to the community in her long and varied service on city commissions and school related organizations. During this challenging period, we need someone who will fight for all children, and ensure that children who need the most support are not lost."

Gloria Partida
(City of Davis Mayor)

“It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald for election to the Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees. Her excellent work ethic, courage, character, and intelligence will inform her Service on the DJUSD school board. Her experience with the Yolo County Board of Education will provide additional insights and benefits at Davis Joint Unified. Cecilia has my highest recommendation.

Delaine Eastin

(Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction)

“Strong advocacy, attention to equity policy, as well as ethical principals are at the center of Escamilla-Greenwald's experience. She is sure to bring the missing Latina leadership voice and representation to the DJUSD Board of Education. It is long overdue.

Melissa Moreno, Ph.D.
(Yolo County Board of Education Trustee, 
Area 2)

“Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald is a passionate voice for public education. She understands the complexities facing our schools and has the experience to make the necessary decisions to ensure equity, safety and the best education for all students.

Norma Alcala
(Washington Unified School Board Trustee, West Sacramento

“It is a real pleasure to endorse Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald for Davis school board. I have known Cecilia for a number of years and I can’t think of anyone more dedicated to providing a great education and opportunities for success to all our students. She is thoughtful and compassionate and will be an exemplary representative, not only for Trustee Area 5 but for the District as a whole. I have confidence that she will be a Trustee who can help our District navigate some challenging times moving forward.

Bob Poppenga, Ph.D. *Incumbent

(DJUSD Trustee)

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Delaine Eastin

Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jerry Jimenez

Yolo County Board of Education Trustee-Elect, Area 4

Angel Barajas

Yolo County Supervisor-Elect, District 5

Cindy Pickett

Former DJUSD Trustee

Will Arnold

Davis City Council

Noel Rodríguez

WJUSD Trustee-Elect

Jesse Ortiz, Ed.D.

Former Yolo County Office of Ed Superintendent

Cirenio Rodriguez

Former Yolo County Board of Education Trustee

Betsy Marchand

Former Yolo County Supervisor, District 4

Gina Daleiden

Former DJUSD Trustee

Dan Carson

Davis City Councilmember

Calvin Handy

UC Davis

Police Chief, Emeritus

Shelton Yip

Yolo County Board of Education Trustee, Area 4

Jim Provenza

Yolo County Supervisor, 

District 4

Alan Fernandes

DJUSD Trustee

Gloria Partida

Mayor, Davis City Council

Rochelle Swanson

Former Davis City Councilmember

Melissa Moreno, Ph.D.

Yolo County Board of Education Trustee, Area 2

Don Saylor

Yolo County Supervisor,

District 2

Bob Poppenga, Ph.D. 

DJUSD Trustee

Lucas Frerichs

Vice-Mayor, Davis City Council

Norma Alcala

WUSD Trustee


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  • Gwen Green

  • David M. Greenwald

  • Dana Harp

  • Anoosh Jorjoria

  • Steve Nyholm

  • Judith Plank

  • Desiree Rojas

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  • Jennifer Selwyn

  • Justine Villanueva

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