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Cecilia Expresses interest in South Davis Library


The Davis school board heard a presentation at Thursday’s meeting by Yolo County supervisors Jim Provenza and Don Saylor regarding plans (still being developed) for a South Davis Library and Education Center in Walnut Park. And the school board trustees unanimously passed a resolution expressing interest in the project.

Currently, the Yolo County Library system operates a small branch library in a room at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School, but that library facility is regarded as too small, and is open only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The proposed facility that Provenza and Don Saylor described to the school board would have more space, including meeting rooms that could be used by community groups, book club gatherings, appearances by speakers, etc.

Provenza further noted that “we were at capacity in the Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library five years ago, and we are over capacity now … we have people sitting on the floor sometimes because there is nowhere else to go.” And he added that “there isn’t much (currently) in South Davis in the way of public services.”

Saylor described the proposed South Davis Library and Education Center as “a community center, a hub that connects people to information, to their community and to the planet,” and predicted the new facility would reinforce the school district’s ongoing efforts to “close the achievement and opportunity gaps” that have long existed between students from affluent households and students coming from homes with more modest financial means.

Holly Bishop, vice chair of the Yolo County Library Board, told the trustees “This is a rare opportunity for the school district to participate in the planning of a new education center and library…k we would like to work with you to come up with ideas for after school enrichment, tutoring, science clubs, world languages, and more.”

Other speakers included parents Lupita Torres and Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, who described various ways that the proposed South Davis Library and Education Center would benefit students in that part of town.


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