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Letter: Strong advocate for Davis students


Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald will be an excellent addition to the Davis Joint Unified School District, representing the diverse neighborhoods of District Two with a deep well of experience, a powerful commitment to inclusion and accessibility, and a familiarity with school-specific policy debates. As an educator, a resident of South Davis, and the parent of a DJUSD high school senior, I enthusiastically endorse Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald’s candidacy.

Cecilia brings varied and long-standing experience to her campaign for the District Two DJUSD School Board position. She has demonstrated community-wide service to Davis relevant to serving our students through her participation on city of Davis commissions, including the Police Accountability and Parks and Recreation Commission. She has also worked tirelessly to ensure that foster children and children with special needs are well served by local agencies and would extend that commitment to all of our children in the DJUSD.

Beyond this wider community involvement, Cecilia brings specific experience and insights from her work around public education policy by serving on the Strategic Planning Committee for the District and as a parent representative for the LCAP. I know from my own experience that she has been a frequent participant in school board meetings and is knowledgeable and conversant with the challenges facing our district around funding and curricular issues.

Finally, I am confident that Cecilia has the vision, personal integrity, and deep commitment to inclusion and expanding access for all of the children of the DJUSD. This is a difficult time in our community and nation, as we face the deep racial inequities that exist amongst us. District Two is among those areas of Davis that most reflect economic, as well as racial/ethnic disparities, but I know that Cecilia is well-prepared to navigate the challenging days ahead and will listen, gather information, and act with principle.

Jennifer Selwyn Davis

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